I am unable to find certain activities that are usded in the RPA associate developer course videos

Here the video shows excel application scope and when used, the properties column has workbook path
In my case ( i am on studio ), it does not show me this option

It shows me these 2 options and when used, the workbook path option is not available.

Its really frustrating me as 10 mins video takes me 2 hours to figure it out.

Please help !

Hi @Muhammad_Yousuf ,

Click on the Filter Icon (Funnel Icon), then Check Show Classic option.

That should enable you to display the Excel Application Scope activities as well.

Thanks alot, i also had a similar question regarding “for each” activity, The video course shows different options inside the “for each” activity but mine shows different. i then used parallel for each to solve the issue. Am i on the right path ?

@Muhammad_Yousuf ,

Although Parallel For Each does seem similar, but the working of both is different.

What exactly did you find different in the For Each Activity ? There is an upgraded For Each now in the latest versions, also different versions of For Each catering to specific problem/use-case.

But you could upgrade/downgrade the Dependency package versions to the latest Stable versions (Not Beta or preview) and then check the activities.

Thanks alot again, as long as it is doing the work acording to the requirements, i am fine with it. So thankful for your support !

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