I am trying to use vlookup

I’m trying to get the number from column A in sheet1 to column K in the purchase sheet by matching Vlookup to column c in sheet1 and column A in the purchase order detail sheet!(If quantity is 2, 632123501446, 632123501472)
If it’s 3, 632123501446, 632123501472,6666666611) I’m trying to distinguish “,” so what should I do?

I am trying to use vlookup.2020-07-02.xlsx (12.3 KB)

Hi @111398

Use DataTable.Select method to filter DataRow.
Please refer to below sample.
VlookupSample.xaml (9.8 KB)

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txt is null, but why is that?

Hi @111398

It works fine on my studio, are you sure that we used the same input file?
2020-07-02.xlsx (13.4 KB)