I am trying to set Confidence to 0 in assign activity. If exceptions exist, write to the exceptions field, set confidence to 0

Please check the below screenshot for the code

When I debug the code I am getting below error
Multiple Assign: Can not assign ‘0’ to 'io_ExtractionResults.ResultsDocument.Fields(0).Values(0).Confidence

Am I missing something?

Hi @rumabharathy

Can u explain more about the process around

Hi @rumabharathy,

I dint understand the reason behind setting confidence to 0.

Could you please give some background on the flow you are trying to achieve?


I am trying to validated the extraction confidence result. If the confidence level met: False then write the exception field and need to set the confidence to 0 and send to Action center. If no Exception exist send to export. Please see the screenshot below

Hi @rumabharathy,

when confidence level is not met(is false), then why not send it to Action center directly?

What is the need of setting confidence to 0 first? Is there a specific purpose around doing this?

As in my view, what you are trying to achieve is as below(please correct my understanding if wrong):

  1. Check confidence level in extracted results
  2. if confidence level falls below a certain threshold(say 0.91 or any other value), then send this data to Action center for users to validate
  3. else move on with the flow

If this is exactly what you are trying to achieve, there is no need to set confidence to 0 before creating action center task for same.


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