I am trying to get the mail senders address to a text file called output.txt but this file is not getting created in the project folder where this project was saved

I am using Append Line activity where i am creating a file called output.txt but all in vain.Please helpCapture80

Hi @ShivamDumka ,

I tried the same method it works. Create a new output file without any extension


My result was:

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Hi @ShivamDumka,

Please give full file path(project folder where it should be saved) with file name there, it will work.


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Thanks @sonaliaggarwal47 and @manjula_rajendran for quick reply back,actually i was making a mistake,very minor,i made a new mail account to learn these things,and as this was a new mail-id,so the inbox was empty,ideally,even then also it should create the xlsx file but i concluded that maybe as there was no mail in the inbox so it is not creating for ‘null n none’ mail being read,because as soon as i changed the mail-id to my pre-existing old email-id,this issue automatically got eliminated.
Strange,but it worked for me.
Thanks a lot for the help again guys,helpful people like you keep beginners like us going.

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