I am trying to get few data such as Sold By etc from an PDF Invoice using Regex

I am trying to get few data from invoice using regex. But I am able to get few details using regex such as pan, gst, place of supply etc…, but values such as sold by, shipping address etc cannot be extracted due to multiple lines with space for each line. Please let me know the regex code to capture data with multiple lines. (Here I am using Read PDF Text to get the pdf data).

Hi @Lokesh_Raj_R_M
Can you send a sample pdf file?

Hi @Gokul001
I won’t be able to send Invoice since I am using real amazon india invoices. But If you have any amazon invoices do try it out and let me know.


Hi @Lokesh_Raj_R_M
I don’t have amazon invoice file.
Can you able to send sample text file with a preserved format

amazon.txt (745 Bytes)

Hi @Lokesh_Raj_R_M

Here is the Regex to extract the value

hi @Gokul001 I have a doubt can I try this with shipping address ?
or will it be able to capture if the no.of lines is less ?

Hi @Lokesh_Raj_R_M

-No, this regex condition is only for “Sold By”. For “Shipping address” we want to extract the data from the file using regex.

@Gokul001 Thank you