I am trying to extract the data from the image which is hand written using Taxonomy Manager (Form Based Extractor). But I am unable to get the data

Hi @Viswanathan_Arumugam,

I am sorry to put a negative spin on your RPA attempts. But according to UiPath best practises, automation shouldn’t be conducted on anything that is handwritten or scanned poorly. Whilst it is possible, I’m afraid the extraction isn’t reliable enough to be able to handle the dynamic nature of different types of handwriting.

Have you considered perhaps trying to re-engineer the process to avoid the use of paper/handwritten forms such as the introduction of a typeform or Microsoft form? This can be accessed by a link, completed on a phone and would provide all the detail needed in digital format to complete your process.

If you would still like to go ahead with this, please provide the error you are receiving.



Okay thank you so much

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