I am scared to appear for the Uipath Foundation Final Test. Please Help.?

Hello all,

I am a college student, in my final year. I am interested in RPA. And have been learning about the same for couple of months now. I tend to grasp the Uipath stuff pretty quick. I have completed 98% of the process in the "Uipath Certification foundation " in Uipath Acedemy.

And I am having cold feet in appearing for the exam. I was wondering what all things are to be considered before appearing for the final test?>

I hear that if I fail to crack it in couple of tries. I might end up with the {0% progess} and would have to start all over again.

I am really scared because it took me many days to be able to complete all the chapterrs. Its urgent please help.

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Sorry, its not 98%, It is 88%…

I mis-wrote that

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I wrote 3 times, still alive.


@hacky_wacky: Look at the bright side… Your foundation in RPA would be stronger if you get to redo it again. Even after finishing the Advanced course I still go back and watch videos and take references from the course. So don’t worry, be confident and just give it a shot.

Good luck!

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But please give me some pointers to be considered before making the first attempt. Kindly respond as soon as possible.

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I gave my certification exam recently. Here are some of the points to remember.
Theory Part:

  1. The questions come from what you learnt so far.
  2. In 45 questions, they ask around 10 questions from foundation level, 10 from Orchestrator and 25 from advanced.
    These questions are as easy as you answered in quizzes during tutorials.
    My suggestion is, If you are still scared of this exam, give your first trail, you will get to know the questions and level of complexity and I am sure you will crack it in 1st or second attempt(I assume you have done all the exercises in tutorial)_

I have to give practical exam this weekend, will share that review later.

All the best.