I am scared to appear for the Uipath Foundation Final Test. Please Help.?


Hello all,

I am a college student, in my final year. I am interested in RPA. And have been learning about the same for couple of months now. I tend to grasp the Uipath stuff pretty quick. I have completed 98% of the process in the "Uipath Certification foundation " in Uipath Acedemy.

And I am having cold feet in appearing for the exam. I was wondering what all things are to be considered before appearing for the final test?>

I hear that if I fail to crack it in couple of tries. I might end up with the {0% progess} and would have to start all over again.

I am really scared because it took me many days to be able to complete all the chapterrs. Its urgent please help.

Thanks and regards,


Sorry, its not 98%, It is 88%…

I mis-wrote that


I wrote 3 times, still alive.


@hacky_wacky: Look at the bright side… Your foundation in RPA would be stronger if you get to redo it again. Even after finishing the Advanced course I still go back and watch videos and take references from the course. So don’t worry, be confident and just give it a shot.

Good luck!



But please give me some pointers to be considered before making the first attempt. Kindly respond as soon as possible.

Thanks and Regards,