I am Printing all the Rows of a data table using for each loop, inside the for each loop i am using message box to print it but I need to print each row with its headings

Suggest a method to get it

clone the original datatable to create new datatable and add each row to the new table .use output datatable activity to convert datatable to string and use message box to display it

if i have 10 rows in that table means I want to print each row seperately that why i am using for each but each row shoud have its heading

we are using cloning to get the headers

dtnew=dtold.clone…here dtnew will have all the columns in the original datatable

now inside for loop use add datarow and pass the datarow to dtnew

Hope this helps

Get the headers with:

headers = String.Join(", ", dt.Columns.Cast(Of DataColumn).Select(Function(c) c.ColumnName))

Then assign this text in the message box:

headers + vbCrLf + String.Join(", ", CurrentRow.ItemArray)

Hi @Gopikrishna_S ,

Maybe this is an Alternate Method :

We convert the DataRow to Array of DataRows just by adding to an Array. Then we convert it to Datatable and use it in Output Datatable Activity.

In the Image above, str_DT contains the Output of Output Datatable Activity.

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the JSON way:

shall use this expression inside the email activity

Shall I Send this datatable in send email activity

@Gopikrishna_S ,

Could you let us know what is your Objective ?

Do you want to Add a Table in Mail Body? This was not mentioned in the Topic.

However, if you do want to add table in Mail Body you would have to Convert the Datatable into Html Table.

You could Check the Below post for Performing this :

Let us know if this satisfies or do explain your actual requirement.

Like this I Want the table…heading and particular data

@Gopikrishna_S ,

I do think this can be achieved by combining my two posts from above.
For Better Clarity, you could create a Temporary Datatable, say TempDT.

Now, Inside the For Each Row Activity, use an Assign Activity like below :

Next, Converting the TempDT to HTML Table format. As mentioned from the above post we get the Expression to Convert Datatable to HTML, we can use it like below :

The variable HtmlBodyStr is of String type, which you can then add to your mail body in your Send Mail Activity.

The Converted Data will appear in the below way, which you can then use as the Mail Body value.

Please do implement this in Send SMTP Mail Message Activity…it show error that string should be double quoted…then if I double quote it means it will just print “HtmlBodyStr” which is a just a string not the expected html output

@Gopikrishna_S , Please do share screenshots of your implementation to analyse the problem further.

Screenshot 2022-06-01 153251

@Gopikrishna_S ,

Have you Checked IsBodyHtml Property in the Mail Activity ?

I am Printing two table in a single mail but its merging, what is the solution to print two tables seperately

@Gopikrishna_S ,

You might need to Append <br></br> after each iteration.

HTMLBodyStr = HTMLBodyStr+"<br><br>"

Screenshot 2022-06-01 174614 I Have mentioned both table in body of the Mail by giving some space how to avoid it from merging.

@Gopikrishna_S , Instead of space, use the below and Check :