I am not able to see activities related to Data Table and Browser ..Basically all UI Automation activities are not visible

ALl basic activities upto Excel I can see . However Cant see Automation related activities though all related packages are installed. Need help

Reinstallation done many times , all 4 main packages installed with stable version still not displaying Data table, Open browser etc automation activities. Can anyone help resolving and provide the solution.

Hi ,

Once I also faced the same, you can try to switch design experience. Hope this will help

Below is the link

Modern Design Experience.

Hey @Akhshrah_Utekarr !

Make sure that you have “checked” Thoose option in “Activities Panel”

Hope this helps!!

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Hi! Welcome to community!

Could you please Use the classic design experience instead of modern.

Follow the below steps to resolve your issue.

Classic Design Experience on Studio Level:-

Open your studio->Settings->Design->Turn off the Modern Design Experience

This will resolve your issue.

Classic Design Experience on Project Level:-

Navigate to your workflow->Project->Settings Icon( :gear: )->General->Turn off Modern Design Experience

This will turned off only for this project if you can create new project the Modern Design experience will automatically turned on.

This will also solve your issue

Classic Design Experience on Activities Level:-


Navigate to Activities panel->Click on the filter option->Show Classic

This will also works in your case.


Thanks for your reply

I have done all above set up still not working
Classic design done
Project settings done
Package stable installed

Still not working


Could you please send us the dependencies snap and activities snap. so that we can help you to resolve the issue.


Have you tried to reinstall UiPath Studio? If not, reinstall it.

@liu_shubin how this would help?

@Akhshrah_Utekarr can you share a video recording of your screen with what you are trying to achieve? I would love to understand how is this an issue and how we can prevent other users to run into the same.

Can you share the following print with us?