I am not able to run the workflow from UIPath local robot

I am quiet newbie to UIPath, i am using UIPath community version for practice, I got stuck in some point, when I try to run the workflow from UI Path local robot, i am not able to see the workflow being run, either i am not seeing any error

Attached is the screen shot for your reference

Kindly help me out


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Are you able to run these processes from Uipath studio ? And also are these published processes ?

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Kindly restart your machine and try once

Cheers @Ram0803

Thanks Lakshman,

Yes, I am able to run the WF from studio and I have successfully published the processes

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Thanks Palani

I will try and checkonce

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Its my bad that, there are no scripts written in Main.xmal file, i had created new sequence and written scripts there, later i copied the scripts from non Main xmal to Main.xmal and it worked well

Thanks for the help

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