I am not able to open process

hi all i couldnt open process.xaml in my project

Hi @Mahesh99 ,

Check the below and try it once; hope it helps you.

Vinit mhatre

Hello Krishna,

Make the copy of the project file somewhere else and the
in the copied folder Open that json file with notepad and delete all the data in that file and save it.

Please let me know if my suggestion resolves your issue.

Thank you :slight_smile:
Happy Automation!!

after this open the xaml file

Dear Vinit,

Can u help me to how to clear the above folders

Hi @Mahesh99 ,

Before deleting the files, try taking a backup of those two folders.

  1. Win+R/Open Run
  2. Copy and paste the following path one by one.
  1. Delete the files.

Vinit Mhatre

i am able to do that , when i copy and paste in browser it is showing below image

Tried doing it but not happening , can u help me in doing the same
if u are free we can connect via any desk

Can we connect via any desk if u are able to help