I am not able to install the free version of the tool


I am not able to install the free version of the tool in my company laptop due to a firewall error that pops up when I run the free trial option for the downloaded package UiPathStudioSetup. The security admin team here is unable to understand why, when all access permissions have been granted from their end.

My query to the UiPath stalwarts is whether the free trial uses direct internet connection for setting up or does it go through a proxy. Our company works on proxy, so could that be a problem?

If yes, can I change the configuration in UiPath to ensure that it supports proxy? Attaching the screenshots of the errors received.

Any other reason that you think will be very helpful.

We are trying to understand the UiPath’ s capabilities in order to evaluate it for opting for licensed version for our RPA plans.

If anyone could help shed light on what the issue could be, it would be really great!

Thanks and Regards,
Sarika Aggarwal

Go for the manual activation mode and follow the instructions. Make sure that you have a working Internet connection before trying the manual method.

Thanks. But the manual activation option is disabled, saying that it is not allowed for Community Edition

If company firewall is restricting you then simply connect your laptop with External internet network either at your home and give it a try.

Thanks Akash. Will try this. The problem is that I need to run it on company systems for evaluation!


As you mentioned that it is a company laptop so that is why are you able to take it to home?If so you can connect with your home internet and then next day in the office you can start your work of evaluation.

If you are not supposed to take it home then connect with an available hotspot of your mobile or some other external internet source then complete the process of installation.


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This really helped, thanks so much!!!

Hi Akshay!

thanks, this really helped. I can work now when I connect it to my mobile hotspot just to get past this point.