I am not abel to login to studio

i am not able to use studio i am getting below error , kindly shcek and do the needfull, facing error from long time


Can you try opening a new project…looks like the project you are trying to open is corrupted


Go to project location and delete project.json file, open this project again and new json will be created.
Do not forget to take backup before deleting any files.


Compare project.json of this error throwing project and any other working projects json file. Check if anything is modified there and correct it.

Ashok :slight_smile:

@ashokkarale , kindly help i am still not abel to work out for solution

Hi @Mahesh_Krishna26 ,

  1. Try Clearing the Temp Files from the machine.

  2. Instead of opening a new project - Create a New Process from New Project.

HI Sir,

Thanks for your swift response , i tried doing same but not abel to get the solution ,


What version of windows are you using?