I am just entering Details in sequence and I am confronting these erroes

I want to automate excel data into a desktop application.

Hi @Ameeruddin_Syed

I see that you have entered sheet1 instead of “sheet1”
You need to place quotes on the word if they are of string data type.
Sheet1, B1 that you entered denotes a variable
Just simply put double quotes on them and it’ll be sorted

Hi @Ameeruddin_Syed

Give Sheet Name and Range in Double quotes(") like “Sheet1” .

If you want to read the data from particular column and row you need to mention that column number and row number as for ex: “B1”


If you want to read the total sheet then leave the Range as blank or give “”


I hope you understand!!


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Thank you forum members for giving replies with love. At first I’m afraid that I would be scolded alike in StackOverflow. I am delighted that this forum treats rookies with respect…


Hi @Ameeruddin_Syed

Remain that when you are passing the file path, sheet name and range in the workbook activities, excel activities, pdf activities, word activities with in double quotes only because those are in string format.

Hope you understand!!

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