I am having issues with "*" wildcards

I seem to be having issues using he “*” wildcard, i am trung to use it with pdf documents to get text, but on my output panel, it shows no value

Welcome to the community @chyldvoodoo
can I have a look on how your using the ‘*’ wildcard ?

For regular expression, the way to make the wildcard act as * does is to use .*, which means 0 or more of any character.

i am using it with selectors, the validation goes well but time to get the data using the “get text” function. I dont see anything in my output panel. In addition, i also used the ui explorer to assign anchor, still same no output of value. i used ''. i have been having that issue even when i tried using it with the getdirectory funtion with ".pdf". it says file path not found. i dont know if its the new update or what

you mean “.*,”
please make it clear

Can you please share the entire selector value

another thing i’m thinking is that the integration of uipath with foxit is not solid enough



I’m trying to send the entire selector but nothing is being displayed after sending here. The preview is blank

Hi @chyldvoodoo

Please send selector as a screen shot.