I am getting this error. firstName is string type


To iterate DataTable, you should use ForEach Row activity but not ForEach loop.

Create nicknames from all the filtered names in the array of rows by using a loop, String methods, and the Write Line activity.

  • Find and add a For Each activity below Assign .

    • Set the TypeArgument property to DataRow in the Browse for types window. Add the clubMembers variable in the Values property field.
    • Rename item to row for clarity.
  • Create two String variables called firstName and lastName

  • Drag an Assign activity into the body of the For Each loop.

it is given in the lesson tutorial


In ForEach loop, set TypeArgument to System.Data.DataRow instead of System.Data.DataRow[] and then try once.

Hi @Swagasmini_Jena,

can you please expand the variable tab & properties tab and send the screenshot once again,

Arivazhagan A

what is the main difference between the two System.Data.DataRow and System.Data.DataRow[]

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its done

DataRow is single & DataRow[] is multiple

Arivazhagan A

I was getting error because i selected multiple row

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