I am getting blank string from 'Get Text' for Like button on youtube

I am getting blank string from ‘Get Text’ for Like button on youtube
however if am trying to do the same for like Channel name and Subscribers its working

here is selector syntax

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Hey @puneet_sharma1

Could you show us the selector

and is the selector validating


Have you tried Get Full text/Visible text, if that too didnt work, Identify using UiExplorer , identify the property which holds the value you want to read, then use activity Get Attribute. This should give you the desired value.


@prateek.mehandiratta9 Yes i have triedF Full text and visible text as well but no success

How about get attribute?

Can you pin point to once attribute in Uiexplorer which gives you the desired result?

Get Attribute is coming out to blank

are you available for quick call ?


Could send screenshot for properties of attributes available and attribute you selected in teh activity?


Please find image

Hi @puneet_sharma1

set wait for Ready as Complete.


Is likes an attribute you got from explorer?

Is it possible to identify this element using Uiexplorer and send me a screenshot then?


this did not help
its still blank


Please find the SS

Now can you check in your property explorer if any property is giving you the no of likes


no i can’t see

Any update on this