I am getting an errorr while i am using split manipulation

can anybody whether i can use in this manner.

What is the error you getting?

Assign: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

can you please resolve this error.

Hi @venkateshcheeni09
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Can you share the XAML file and error message ?

Okay i am sharing the Xaml File.
Sql_Query_Results.xaml (608.4 KB)

and this is the error message.
Assign: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Can anybody resolve this error as soon as possible.

The object value is passing a Null reference

What is time_1 value?


I am sharing entire Xaml File plse check once.

Sql_Query_Results.xaml (608.4 KB)

Where is the value that you declared for time_1 ?

Here time_1 is passing a null value so the error occur?

Do you have any Excel files?

Here i am passing system.string as a variable type and there are no more excel files.
If you anything from me.

If you need anything from me plse tell me.

Can you please explain what the expression doing?

So I can give you more suggestions

Here i am spliting the time i.e., hours. minutes and i am using split manipulation.

Hi @venkateshcheeni09
I think so, your expression, not valid to split.

You haven’t passed the value for time_1?
So the error occurs

Refer the link:

I cant understand what you are saying exactly

Can you tell me whether it is correct or not