I am Getting -81049068 for adding operation but I need the exact Value -81049067.89 from continuous adding operation

I dont need Round off Value I need the Exact number with .89 that is high precesion Suggest any expression to get Accurate Value

maybe the number was wrongly converted / treated as an Integer and was doing the rounding.

Can you share with us some more details eg. statements, implementation flow etc. Thanks

yeah I Have that variable in Integer which Data type I have to convert it

Give try with Datatype: Double

I need to use new variable, in that varible I have to use expession and mention that interger varibale now we can use new variable, i am a correct

Are you asking for this:

you can check for changing the datatype for an existing variable also. But also check depended usages for the vcariable in advance as well

Thank You Man I have Got the Expected Output

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