I am facing the following error


I am facing this error " Assign : Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

Here is the thing that I had in my assign activity.

it is showing this error while I am running the code.
From the excel sheet(i stored content in datatbale) i need to match one date column to yesterdays date and 13th column to some string condition.
if it is not equal to yesterdays date and equals to that string have to delete that row from data table.
as mentioned in screenshot i wrote if condition for matching my required condition. But not able to assign the rows to the mentioned datarow. I Declared that data table also.
the code is"Deleting_row2(intI)=dtClientLineFormat.Rows(intI)"

Please any one provide a solution
Thanks and Regards,


Judging by what I see the dtClientLineFormat datatable is coming in empty. I would look into where the Read Range is located that initializes the datatable and see if you have the arguments set up correctly in your Invoke, that is assuming the Read Range is located in another workflow file.

So, ya, make sure there is data there before it gets to that Assign activity.

Hope that helps.