I am extracting data from chrome browser, it working fine in my local.When i publish and run unattended in vm its not extracting

I had used get text to extract from web page, now in vm if it is closed or minimized state its not extracting , how can i solve this?

Hello @MitheshBolla Can you please share the error screenshot

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@MitheshBolla Also, can you check running the process in attended mode to make sure it is working fine in VM

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It’s working fine in attended mode when vm is open. If I close vm it is failing.

As I am extracting text from chrome I am writing success when it extracts, if it does not extract I am writing failed in excel

@MitheshBolla Are you closing the VM directly. If so, avoid doing that, sign out from VM and run the process through Orchestrator using unattended license

Also, is the bot failing every time at the same activity? If possible please share the bot captured error screenshot

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Cannot bring the target application in foreground because the Windows session is locked.

Don’t do this. Connect to the VM, then LOG OUT from the start menu. You have to LOG OUT completely, not just close the VM window. Now run your unattended automation.

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Ok, if i signout, The connection is disconnected, i had unattended license , but connection is going when i signout manually from VM

Then something isn’t set up correctly. Orchestrator is supposed to establish the RDP connection itself. You have to log out so the session ends, so Orchestrator can start its own session.

Pay careful attention. Don’t sign out while the job is running. Log in (with the same user as the robot), sign out, THEN start the Job in Orchestrator so it can establish its own session.

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