I am doing the practice with REframework diploma yearly reports and got a problem in the automation

I am getting 3 different problem in the automation.

1st problem i have modified the ui explorer but it has not worked and at the step it is not throwing an error after the step
Screenshot 2023-10-31 102643

2nd problem it is not showing the error in the workflow but in the automation it is
Screenshot 2023-10-31 103123

3rd problem don’t know about the error

after reading all the 15 pages of data

it is going to the home and throwing errors

please help me with it



i think in the initallapplications you need to use a condition if already login you need to logout and lauch the login again

it is logged out but it still appears


can you share your workflow

yearly_reports.zip (1.5 MB)
here it is

The browser you are trying to interract is closed it is sayinga s per the screenshot

add this propeties

and handle the login and logout scenarios properly.

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in what activity is it in

USe application/Browser activity

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thank you @Gayathri_Mk for the help but it did not make a change the same errors came

Hi @Praharsha_kanaparthi

This error will come when the Ui element is not visible to the bot, You are using the Type into activity to enter the mail address in the Login of ACME, If yes the Ui element has to be appear on the foreground. If the Ui element not found in the foreground it will throw this exception.

For this, In Initallapplications you develop the code to login to website, before login use check app state activity to check the logout button is appears on the screen or not. If element appears do logout by click on logout. Then procced further for login process.

Check the below workflow image for better understanding.

Hope it helps!!

go through this it will help you

Thank you