I am creating a new topic base on my error about selector

Hi , this is a follow up question on my earlier post which is important to me… Appreciate there can be some answers.

i am using a "for each loop " on a set of excel data to a website form but the program keep stopping after copying only 1 row of data. All in all , i should have 17 rows of data fill up in the form.

I am having error message showing UI elements cannot correspond to selector.

I have check my selector

Selector on the error elements shows “”

“<webctrl css-”“”

s this correct ? i should have 17 row of different items num but some selectors look glibberish and some selector only showing as 1 . How do i correct this ?

1. * List item

iipermitauto.xaml (138.5 KB)



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please reformat your post by using the </> format button from the editor. We cannot see all details. Thanks

Just try to use Target element validation