I am copying a file

i have sample file that i copying from a folder then after i want to add data basically that file that i copying is standard file that has headers only now i want add data into it

What kind of file is it?? Is it an excel??

Also what data that you have ant to insert??

Here for copying you can use copy file activity. Once you copied you can use Write Range to write the data if it’s an excel.

Hi @manoj_verma1,

I am assuming that the file is excel file, since you mentioned the headers.
And may be you wanted to keep the excel template with given headers in it.
Yes you can clone the excel file by using Copy activity or Move activity with different filename & read this cloned file into datatable & proceed with records/data insertion.

Hope this helps.
Ashwini Kempraj

Hi @manoj_verma1

Assuming its an excel file, you can copy that file and use Read Range to get the existing data and Append Range activity to add data to it. This will append to whatever data already there in the file.


@manoj_verma1 May I know from where you are trying to get the data to add in to that copied file