Hypothetical Question

Hi all , i dont 've any idea on the question which am posting!
i’ve automated few things as 3 separate xaml files using uipath i want to trigger those one by one but i shouldn’t use orchestra-tor to schedule to make run by timing.is there is any effective way to make a run those all files by a single trigger!


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Hi @naveen19

You can consolidate all those xaml files in one workflow.

What you can do is use Invoke Workflow File. You can use a Sequence or a Flowchart :slight_smile:


do u 've any idea?


You can use Invoke WorkFlow Activity at end of the first xaml file to trigger next xaml file.


@lakshman yes your right but using re-freamework how should i implement.

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hello @naveen19 you can customized Re-Framework according to you.
i means you can remove some workflow under framework folder according to you for smoothly running



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