Hyperlinks in Web Portals


I have a web page which can contain multiple sections hyperlink Say:

Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3

When clicked over these hyperlinks the details get visible and I need to extract a text element from a Detail(x) only when Detail(x) contains word “Valid”

So I want the BOT to Click on Detail 1 , look for “Valid” , if found then copy the Text string else go to Detail 2 repeat search if not found then go to detail 3.

Please suggest how this can be achieved.

Gunjan Popli

@XYZ_1991,use gettext activity to get the text from the opened hyperlink.

Hi @XYZ_1991,

along with the answer of @amr07, add with the remaining work to check, for that you can use the if condition and for ech. or for repeat u can use the do while or while.

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