Hyperlink as a Data Service Entity field value

Hi, Is there a way to add a Data Service Entity field as hyperlinks. Right now the field types of a Data Service Entity has ‘Text’, number, File etc… Need to display Hyperlinks as one of the column values in a Uipath Apps Table.

I have hosted the pages on a server and need to give that as one of the column field values, giving it in Text field shows it as just Text not clickable.

Is there a way to achieve this?


Can you refer to the below post. I think you can get some insight to your requirement.

Checked this ,it pertains to a button click to open a link, i need to add a hyperlink as column value of a Table in Uipath Apps which is fetched from a Data Service entity, adding that link comes as text,cannot be clicked on to open, as given below:


@mailsmithash ,

you can’t use any clickable event “button or hyperlink” into Table so I would suggest please use custom list and add a button or image and on click write a rule “Open URL” and pass the field value into URL.



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As Arvind explained, the two options today are -

  • Use a custom list and put an action button or label, and use the open url rule, with the url as customlist.selectedvalue.url
  • Keep a table, but put a button outside the table, and use the open url rule, with the url as table.selectedvalue.url

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Thanks Arvind and Ankit for the approaches, trying these now for selected row or custom list. Will update on which works for this use case.There is some issue, where on click of the row to select it the Table is becoming empty since i have mapped it to a ‘out_rows’ args from a Workflow. Fixing that. Thanks once again.

The approach of using the URL field with Table and OnClick of the button of the selected row approach works fine in this use case. Thanks much for the approaches.

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