📢 HyperHack - Automation for Good challenge!

Hello, #uipath community,

Hope you are all progressing well with your Hackathon solution, busy building team, or brainstorming ideas. If you are willing to participate and still looking for some ideas. Here are some needs and problem statements you can consider and help NGOs / associations we closely work with. We want to be transparent with all the participants hence sharing details here and help connect interested folks to the contact person for further discussion.
Few important points:

  1. We don’t encourage multiple participants to work on the same problem hence we will connect participants to NGOs on First Come First Serve’ basis
  2. Reach out to us ONLY if you have registered for the hack, formed the team, and sure about participation and have the confidence to build a solution as stated in Automation needs shared below. Your registration details will be crossed checked :blush:
  3. Get one of the problem statements presented below if you don’t know any other NGO/association that you can support or if you really find the problem statement like the best thing for you to solve
  4. UiPath will not support you in creating your presentation, video, or solving the problem in any way
  5. When you are replying, please reply which specific problem you are interested to solve
  6. ​If you know any other problem statements of other organisations and you want to help other teams in finding their project, please share here a brief description with care for data privacy of the cases presented. Be respectful in how you formulate and make sure you have the approval of those that you present.

About the NGO and Automation Needs # 1

The Social Incubator focuses primarily on teenagers (ages 16-26) from the child support system, but also all disadvantaged teenagers and young adults in Romania and helps them make the transition to adult life by offering them career & psychological counselling, mentorship, tutoring, direct connections to employers and training to develop their skills and become self-reliant. They also provide some of them with accommodation or other specific needs (health, food, etc). In parallel, the association also tackles the active prevention of human trafficking, domestic violence, drug abuse. In 2020 they transitioned their expertise & know-how to an online format to scale it. Thus, they launched career advice and mentoring platform: https://bunincariera.ro/ , reaching over 3000 teenagers and aim to reach another 10.000 youths this year and help them figure out what they love, what they are good at, and how to make a career out of it.

Automation needs for https://bunincariera.ro/ :

  1. Automated SMS & emails based on users’ behaviour, to nudge more people to go through the entire process: based on the step they are on in the user journey, based on what pages they visit, based on their activity level on the website etc. Examples:
  • when they schedule an appointment, they could get an SMS & email reminder 3 hours before so they don’t forget about it.
  • if they did both career tests but didn’t schedule an appointment, they could get an SMS & email to nudge them to schedule an appointment.
  • if they haven’t been on the website for more than 1 month, they could get a friendly reminder with a blog article.
  • we could have an onboarding process with certain SMS or emails which explains everything to new users and guides them through the entire experience.
    This would help us a lot to increase our conversion rates from one step to the other and help more youngsters in the end with more things.
  1. A social proof pop-up on the site, to increase the number of people who create an account, saying “In the last week, X people did our career tests” or “In the last month, X people scheduled an appointment with one of our career counselors”.
  2. Automate our reporting process:
    To create our weekly report, we export a few CSV files from our WordPress website, copy the info from them to a Google Sheet, and there we have a ton of formulas and a sheet with our stats. It takes a few hours to do this every week.
    We would like to automate this process even more, but currently, it can only be done by a human.

About the NGO and Automation Needs # 2

Teach for Romania : Teach for Romania’s vision is to create life options through quality education for every child in Romania. They recruit and select high-potential individuals to go through a 2-year transformational experience, through which they will teach in vulnerable communities and act as local change agents while developing their leadership skills. Their approach focuses on two main types of beneficiaries, (1) leadership development program participants and (2) students in vulnerable communities, with a (a) short and (b) long term impact approach. Find out more about them here https://en.teachforromania.org/

In terms of impact, we have supported over 230 such teachers over the last 7 years, reaching over 14 000 children this year alone.

Automation needs for https://en.teachforromania.org/

  1. Website chatbot. Since they have intensified their communication activities, they get lots of questions from people visiting their website about topics that are already covered in FAQs or other public materials. They would benefit from a website chatbot, that can answer various questions, based on an FAQ.
  2. Plagiarism identifier . The first stage in their program recruitment process consists of a complex online form, that the candidates have to fill in to order to apply. They would benefit from a tool that can easily identify plagiarism cases in their program recruitment process. This tool should check the forms stored in Salesforce against other candidates’ forms as well as public sources (our website, blog posts, press releases) and would scan ~2 000 forms every year.
  3. Prospecting Public Funds . One difficulty that they have when prospecting public funding opportunities is that the information is dispersed among multiple websites, with no alerts or notification features. An automated solution that would check specific websites for changes including some keywords, to quickly find out when new opportunities become available.
  4. Identity card scanner. A tool that can scan an identity card and transpose information into word documents. This would help us fill out contracts more quickly, with an impact on hundreds of contracts that we prepare and sign each year.