HyperHack-2023 - Human Rights Abuse Analysis

HyperHack-2023 - Human Rights Abuse Analysis

Use Case Description

Indigenous communities around the world continue to face human rights violations, often overlooked due to a lack of understanding and visibility of these issues.

Today, activists and researchers monitor news websites and social media manually for incidences of abuse, and when an incident is found manually copy the relevant pieces of data into a template.

Manual review of news articles and social media posts limits the quantity of sources that can be monitored. Data extraction performed manually is slow and prone to mistakes.

The solution makes use of the UiPath Cloud Automation platform to automate the process of scraping website data, sending to OpenAI GPT (via Integration Service) for analysis, and uploading the new articles and incident data to Data Service.

A dashboard is built using UiPath Apps to display the incident reports stored in Data Service. The dashboard also provides the ability to view the source article content.


To Be Workflow.pdf

Other information about the use case

Industry categories for this use case: Public Sector

Skill level required: Advanced

UiPath Products that were used: UiPath Studio, UiPath Apps, UiPath Data Services

Other applications that were used: Integration Service

Other resources: -

What is the top ROI driver for this use case?: Accelerate growth and operational efficiency

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