Human in the loop, suspension of process?


I’m trying to learn and understand more about human in the loop.

If I understand it correctly, when we have an automation process running, and that process needs a human input, the process is suspended. While the process is waiting for the human, the robot is free to proceed to take other jobs, BUT the process itself is blocked. Is that correct?

Greetings, I think you would come to a better understanding after reading this topic Background Process template vs Normal RE-Framework Template - #9 by efleurent about the pending status.

Suspended is a new status for a job that uses ‘Wait & Resume’ activities of persistence package or intelligent OCR package.
This status does not consume Robot resources , but they are persistence points of a workflow where the job can resume from that point upon the completion of the underlying ‘wait’ event which could a human action (or another queue item processing or another job processing).
‘Suspended’ becomes ‘resumed’ whenever an underlying action is completed but waiting for robot allocation to actually resume the execution and once robot is allocated , it moves to ‘executing’ .
So yes, process is blocked whenever you wish to do so, by invoking ‘Wait & Resume’ activities in-cases where process cannot proceed without human inputs but it is not automatically blocked/suspended just by creation of a task.

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For unattended robot, while in the ‘Wait & Resume’ state, can the robot proceed to run other process job while waiting for the underlying action to be completed by the user(Via Action centre)?

@Foreverlearning yes, robots are freed up to pick up other jobs(only job is suspended and not the robot)