I originally posted this question related to the training and found the answer on my own (I was not passing arguments in the dispatcher using a specific key, so the name of the columns was used instead).

After deleting my question I realized that @arjunshenoy responded with an in-depth answer. I am reproducing his answer below and recreating this topic in case anyone else has the same question (and in honor of the responder’s effort in helping out!).

Thanks Arjun!

’ When you are fetching data from a queue, you need to use the SpecificContent as the data are stored in a Specific Data of type Object in the queue.


In the RE Framework, you will retrieve the data in the Get Transaction State, the data will be stored in the TransactionItem (which is of a type queue item, by default). That’s why you will be using TransactionItem.SpecificContent.

in_NoOfDependents is an argument that you must have defined inside the process state, to which the value of the Number of Dependents is assigned.

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I’m glad that you figured it out, and thanks for thoughtfully posting this, it might help others as well. Much appreciated.

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