Https:// cannot be reached?

Hey I am really a newbie to RPA and UI Path I saw a tutorial on building a simple text processing chatbot on youtube and wanted to try that but in the video, they mentioned that First I have to create and connect a chatbot in, But when I type in the URL browser is telling me that the site cannot be reached is there a change in URL or Am I doing something wrong please let me know.


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Check below for your reference

Usually is deprecated, For options you can check above thread

Hope this may help you


did u get any solution to work on chat bot?

Hey @MitheshBolla

You can use the connector for chatbots from marketplace. The link above has the details for that too.

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did u use druid app

Tried once for a poc with the trial version

Below video was helpful

UiPath - Druid Chatbot Implementation

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i found only this one link abt druid. but unable to connect to orchestrator

What’s the error?

You are using enterprise or community?

i had free trial druid. i am trying to connect it with my orchestrator

You csn create a new thread and mention the error so as to we can try to help

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