how to go next avatar or contacts its doesn’t go next i build the selector but isnt move further how to handle that scenario


Try using mouse scroll activity…if its the scroll that you are looking for…

Alternately can try using hover activity first or a simulate click also might work

Else please provide more details


MeesevaContactUpdateAutomation.pdf (657.0 KB)
WANT to go next item but hover not work getting some issue

we assume after working with the first avatar NEXT means to work with second … and so on

In general it is

  • a loop over the rows from the webtable
  • a nested loop over the 4 columns in the looped row

So we would recommend to incorporate this concept in the selectors

@Sohil_bagwan1 ,
Check this Workflow (29.6 KB)



As a flatten alternate we can also use the card div. This ideas was crosschecked by configuring datascraping:

with meta extract:

When ever we can validate a datascrapping configuration we got a proof that we found structures in a way that we can deal with e.g. looping over elements

Were you use dynamic selector or you go next item with list how you get that logic its interesting

@Sohil_bagwan1 ,
1.Using Find Children I have got all the Persons Details One By one
2. In that for each loop of children am adding all those details into a list
3.Then again Using For each loop for that list am doing the rest of the Actions
4.You can see in the Type Into (Selector)I have passed the “Code” as dynamic variable (ColName )

I hope this will help you



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