HTTPResponse has some corrupted response, < is displayed as &lt;

Hi all,
I am using HTTP Request activity and calling a method, and it is giving me the response in different format. all the < character is displayed as “& l t;” . Can someone help with this ?

Seems like you are getting the response encoded and all you have to do is decode it using the System.Net.WebUtility.HtmlDecode(EncodedString) functionality.

DecodeHTML.xaml (4.7 KB)

Great!! Thanks a lot .It worked.

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Now the next problem is , the XML response has some additional tags with which Deserialise XML activity throws error. I need to clean the xml before deserialising . also I would request some help on iterating through all the nodes of XML and get the data in a datatable. Please hep

@Sundar_S Hey, I don’t have an anwser for that ATM, but I would suggest opening another Topic, since it’s a diferent kind of a prblem and someone else will be able to help you out sooner.

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