HttpClient Post Error

Hello! I’ve inherited a large chunk of RPA stuff, and I’m in the process of digesting and maintaining what we currently have running.

One of our processes makes an Http call to a vendor’s API, and today I started getting errors while testing

Specifically, “Message: Job “x” stopped due to unexpected process termination”.

I’ve seen some other posts around here stating that it could be due to the amount of data returned, but I’m not writing it out (I even tried commenting out places that could have been)

Has anyone ran into this issue before?

Is it always the HTTP Request that gives you the error? Does it happen everytime? Does it happen for smaller amounts of data?

It only happens on the HTTP Request (it returns data - but I do also see a ‘faulted’ message inside the studio logs).

As for size, the request size is limited to 10 currently (it has always been this was I haven’t changed it)