HTTP/SOAP/API Request - Can't figure out how to make it work


Trying to emulate what you have done to make yours work!

Here is the soap I am trying to access:

It works using the following XML

I have set up my HTTP request activity as follows, but i think i am missing something with the header. What do you think?

The body is the full XML string


This is what I have for headers

Lastly, this is what is being outputted.

Where am I going wrong!?
Thank you


Using the WSDL supplied the url for the request is ActDocumentSearch Web Service , so you should use the end of this url as a “header”.

Try putting “ActDocumentSearch” in the “Headers” and giving it a go

@ Ifcosta

Similar error with your suggestion,


Hi there @jonl

Sorry for the delay on the reply.

Try adding the following header to UiPath Activity Page Unavailable

I tested the example body with this header and got the response:
“The server cannot service the request because the media type is unsupported”
with resultcode 415

Also to find out what headers you should use on your API you can check them out in SOAP - see print.