HTTP Request with oauth1

I have an endpoint which requires the oauth CK and CS. In Postman I get a successful response, with the HTTP Request wizard, when I select preview, as well. When I run in RUN or DEBUG mode I always get a 401 error. This is something due to empty Token-fields. The settings are not stored when Token field is empty and you try to click OK on the wizard. So you have at least to enter an empty space " ".
In addition there is something with is automatically covered in Postman, Postman always creates a new hidden parameter oauth_signature and oauth_nonce. So I think the preview does something similar, but the normal process doesn’t.
Success by wizard:
but not when run:

Have you tried options other than oAuth1

the endpoint accepts oauth1 only. And yes the wizard stores the oauth2 details better (as there is one value only to be set)