HTTP Request (POST) - How to include a Folder Path in the HTTP Request Body (application/json)

I am Having problems including a folder path e.g ‘C:\\Person Name\\2020\\May\\Files\\100001\\203423\\Se’ as one of the parameters in a POST request body. I have tried a couple of methods the only way I can get it to work is to include it as a literal in single quotes in the request body.

assigning the folder path literal to a string variable (filepathvar) and then including ‘"+filepathvar+’" in the request body does not work - returns error code 400

using the replace method e.g storing “{‘Folder Path’: ‘string1’,…,…}” in a string variable (strjson) and then doing a strjson.Replace(“string1”,filepathvar) does not work returns a error code 400

Any ideas ???

Solved the issue, I needed to double up on the backslashes \ in the folder path, so ended up with ‘C:\\\\Person Name\\\\2020\\\\May\\\\Files\\\\100001\\\\203423\\\\Se’

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