HTTP Request - Json Output Specific Label result Extraction

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@loginerror @Palaniyappan

I have the below JSON output. I need to take both EmployeeEmail address.

I tried below but not able to get it.

Assign Activity.

Email_Add1 = JSONoutput(“EmployeeEmail”).tostring
Email_Add1 = JSONoutput(“EmployeeEmail”)("EmployeeEmail).tostring

Also Tried
Email_Add1 = JSONoutput(“OfficeHeadDeputies”)(“EmployeeEmail”).tostring
Email_Add2 = JSONoutput(“OfficeHeadDeputies”)(“EmployeeEmail”)("EmployeeEmail).tostring

Please assist.


"OfficeHeadDeputies": [


"EmployeeNumber": 123,

"EmployeeName": “Srinivas”,

"EmployeeEmail": “[]”,

"EmployeeType": "H"



"EmployeeNumber": 1245,

"EmployeeName": “Kumar”,

"EmployeeEmail": “”,

"EmployeeType": "D"




Srenivasan Kannan

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Hi @SrenivasanKanna @loginerror

Hope you are doing good and safe

here you go. Hope its resolved (20.1 KB)

Cheers @SrenivasanKanna

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Thank you !!!

I’m doing good and safe… I hope you and your family members are safe.


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