HTTP Request Issue - Unable to login via Simple http despite correct URL, Username and Password

Hi All,

I seem to have an issue with the HTTP Request Activity after shifting it from a foreground process to a background process. I’ve reverted it back to foreground but the error still persist.

I am trying to get a File from Sharepoint and as its a older on-prem environment, it uses the basic authentication to login.

I keep getting a 401 response despite verifying that the URL, Username and Pasword is entered correctly. I can get the file if i use the browser with the same URL, Username and Password but it will not work in UIStudio.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Hello @wilson_cheng I’m not sure, its may be lacks of valid authentication credentials for the requested resource, or may be vpn issues.

Hi Gokul,

I can access the document using the same browser on the same PC the robot is and the interesting thing is that it was working initially till I switched the project to start in background.

@wilson_cheng , Kindly check the request in postman application on chrome browser, you may got some idea.

@wilson_cheng ,Try this also, Im not sure it works for you, but for me it works, Full fill the API with desired parameters and Paste it on browser and see what happens, the file download or error occurs.

Hi Gokul

If I paste the full url in the browser, it will prompt for authentication. With the same user name and password, I can download the file.

@wilson_cheng , Then check the API key and parameters. 401 error is occurs due to authentication fault, so ypu have to check the Api key. Otherwise try your api key in postman website test your API works or not. Kindly conform your api Working condition.

And Also happens due to firewall security and DNS.

Hi Gokul,

Thank you very much for the follow-up.

What I’m trying to do is not using sharepoint API but using the download.aspx of sharepoint to download the file.

I don’t think this would needs API key. It only needs the authentication user name and password.

Hi Gokul,

I figured out the issue at hand. In this case, the Login mechanism required is NTLM. Basic/Simple Authentication isnt enough to allow the login, thus causing it to throw the 401 Error.

Just to confirm, there is no activity at the moment that will allow the use of NTLM authentication?