HTTP Request for submitting an job in SPLUNK

I am trying to submit a search in SPLUNK by using the Spunk API with the HTTP Request activity.
But I am getting a statuscode=0 as response with an error:
The underlaying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.

I am using the endpoint:
and simple HTTP authentication

If I use postman for the same request it works fine.

Hi @h.visser,

Are you getting “Disabling the SSL certification as the API doesn’t has one” on Postman when you trying it on new Get or Post request ?

H i Shubham Varshney,
No, Postman does not show the message “Disabling the SSL [certification]as the API doesn’t has one” when creating a new request.

Basically you are doing something wrong in replicating the request from Postman to HTTP request…

I faced a similar issue earlier but that was because of the request doesn’t have SSL disable option in HTTP request. So you will need to try multiple way to allow to find what’s wrong with your request.