I am looking for an option to download DOCS from website after filling out form fields in the site. Can this be done using http request? ACADEMY



Hi @icehouselux

You can try using Http Request activitiy under Uipath.web.activities

@NIVED_NAMBIAR I wanted to know how to use Http Request. I have a form to fillout before the file gets downloaded. There is a submit button at the end that I need to click for the file to get downloaded (into downloads folder in my system).

Hi @icehouselux

For your usecase, you can directly use hi Automation like using type into activitiy and using the click activitiy to click the submit button

I think there would be no requirement of http request activitiy

I wanted to see if I can accomplish this using http request, because my process involves navigating to many different sites with repeated access to this form to download the file