HTTP Request: Could not load type 'RestSharp.IRestClient' from assembly 'RestSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=598062e77f915f75'

Error while using HTTP request activity

Has anyone faced this issue

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Please rename the project.json and reload and check…

Else from %userprofile%/.nuget/packages folder remove webapi package and then reopen project to download fresh

Else try to change the version of webapi package from manage packages


tried but didn’t workout


Do you mind sharing the project here please

Try opening the xaml innotepad and see if the reference is proper foe webapi


Please join zoom for project share

Hi @Mohit_Sagar1

Have you managed to work around your issue?

I went ahead and reproduced it by adding only these two activity packages:

It looks to be a dependency conflict between the packages.

The two workarounds I could suggest here:

  • utilize only one of the packages (either Salesforce package or WebAPI package) for all requests
  • utilize the Integration Service compatibile Salesforce package
  • supplement the Salesforce package with a manually written web request via the Invoke Code activity
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