Http Request Body

Hello, i’m trying to make a POST request, but everything i tried in the body of the request don’t work as expected. The code is right and works in postman, but in uipath it fails everytime.

the code is the following:


In the http request i have the following:

“{”“clientKey”":"“xxxxxxxx”", ““task””:{"“type”":"“NoCaptchaProxyless”", ““websiteURL””:"“”", ““websiteKey””:"“xxxxxxxx”"}}"

And it fails, how to solve this?

Hi @rodrigosanzovo,
What is the error it’s throwing?



Did you tested it with postman it any other tool?
If so still not getting means in activity properties you might be missing to add the headder entries, just check once. If still an error please post the error screenshot ( hiding your confidential info)


Works fine in postman. The error is in the response from the server, that cant read the “task” declared.

Yes, the UiPath Http client is really bad.