HTTP request activity gives status code as 0

I am using the HTTP request activity for an endpoint URL. The result I get is status code as 0 and no response. When I hit the endpoint URL directly on browser, I see the below screen and then continue to see the web page loaded successfully.

If you are using ie please try below solution

Thanks for the reply. But I am not looking for Web automation, because I have 400 URLs to check for. Using HTTP request would solve it in few minutes. Web automation for all 400 URLs would take hours together.

Practically speaking, status==0 for a failed HttpRequest should be considered an undefined error

Some of the common situations that produce this status code are reflected in the other answers but it could be any or none of these problems:

  1. Illegal cross origin request (see CORS)
  2. Firewall block or filtering
  3. The request itself was cancelled in code
  4. An installed browser extension is mucking things up

@Mahalakshmi, can you please check if the solution in below URL works

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