HTTP Request Activity endpoint with special characters

Hi Team,

I am struggling with making a POST call to upload a csv file as attachment via HTTP Request. I believe the issue has to do with the endpoint containing special characters (open and close brackets). Below is an example of the endpoint that I need to hit.[ns=COMPANYNAME]

When pasting the below URL into my browser directly, I am successfully prompted for login credentials and can continue from there. From my browser, it is also successful when I encode the brackets manually (i.e.[ns=COMPANYNAME] )

Using UiPath HTTP Request Activity it seems that no matter how I input the URL into the Endpoint field, I end up with a response from the server indicating that the last portion of the URL is not correct. I get the same message from a browser when leaving off the last portion of the URL (/[ns=COMPANYNAME]) completely or entering incorrect values intentionally.

Can you please help me with how to use special characters in the HTTP Request endpoint to work properly?

Thanks in advance.

Studio 2021.10.4 Enterprise
WebAPI.Activities 1.9.3-preview

Hi @vg4706

Any chance you could compare the above with a Postman (or other API testing application)?

One way I used to test misbehaving post requests is by calling the sample endpoint from Studio (HTTP Request) and from Postman for the exact same request.

Of course, this will only test how it leaves your specific software, but it would be an indication if something goes wrong already there.

One thing I didn’t fully get is

When pasting the below URL into my browser directly

Typically simply inserting the URL in the web browser does a GET request rather than the POST one.