HTTP Post Request- Header level and Line level

““BillToCustomerNumber””: "“2001"”,
““BillToCustomerName””: ““WakeMed Health and Hospitals””,
““BusinessUnit””: ““INIT US BU””,
““TransactionSource””: ““Manual””,
““receivablesInvoiceLines””: [
““Description””: ““Laptop””,
““LineNumber””: "“1"”,
““Quantity””: "“1"”,
““UnitSellingPrice””: "“10"”
““Description””: ““Battery””,
““LineNumber””: "“2"”,
““Quantity””: "“1"”,
““UnitSellingPrice””: ““20"”

I want to POST HTTP REQUEST with header level and line level values. How do I send each of them as parameters and give multiple values at line level i.e into Description, LineNumber, Quantity, UnitSellingPrice?


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What is your source of Input Data?
Share me the sample source of Data
So that we can check and let you know


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The input is an invoice which i have converted into excel.

My query now is how to send billtocustomername, customernumber, BusinessUnit, Source, Description, LineNumber, Quantity and Unitsellingprice as variables into HTTP POST REQUEST included that Description, LineNumber, Quantity and Unitsellingprice will have multiple values.

I was only able to send it as json body that too in the form of an attachment.