Htmlwindowname keep on changing everytime the page opens

Hi all,

Everytime the htmlwindowname attribute is changing for the browser and that is the unique attribute for my selector.if i remove htmlwindowname the selector is not validating and wildcard also not working.can someone help me with alternate solution

Hi @Amulya_A
Can you share more details for the page?

Hi @Amulya_A and welcome to the forum
Have you tried using UiExplorer and trying other properties in the selector?

Yes i have tried other selectors but they are not working.selector must have htmlwindowname attribute only then selector is validating but htmlwindowname keeps on changing everytime bots there a way that we can find htmlwindowname of the browser?

Hello @Amulya_A

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Please inspect the element using UiExplorer and share the screenshot here.