HTML to DataTable - DataTable() cannot be converted to DataTable

Hello all, new user here.

I’m trying to extract a table information from HTML file which was done by the “HTML to DataTable” package from the store; I’ve seen that the datatable is saved as System.Data.DataTable so it looks like it’s an array of datatables.

My issue is that I don’t know how to access to the content of the datatable, I tried the “Output Data Table” activity but I get the error “Argument ‘DataTable’: BC30311: Value of type ‘DataTable()’ cannot be converted to ‘DataTable’. The selected value is incompatible with the property type”.

YourDataTableOutArrayVar(Int32IndexVar) will access a table
YourDataTableOutArrayVar(0) - first table - when present
YourDataTableOutArrayVar(1) - second table - when present

Edited: some syntax fixes done

Hi @jsab2024

Check the below thread for this BC30311

Hope it helps!!

Thank you very much, I got it.

Another doubt, the names of the information are in rows, not in columns, like this:


How do I have to do to get access to each CONTENT based on the ROW_TITLE?.

can you use the immediate panel and share with us the result:

just type in: