HTML tag is disabled in selector editor

Hi, I’m new in rpa uipath. I would like to know why the html tag as displayed in the attached image and how i can resolve this. I need to put an additional tag for it to be valid.

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Welcome to uipath community
I think the activity with this selector is placed inside another ACTIVITY like ATTACH BROWSER or ATTACH WINDOW

So this selector converted to PARTIAL selector and the first node becomes disabled
We can change in that container only

Kindly have a view on this

Cheers @eabcdcstr

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Hi @eabcdcstr,
Is that activity placed inside a attach browser? If yes, change the selector of that first. That may help

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Hi @eabcdcstr

If your using inside Attach browser or Attach window that html tag is disabled automatically.

kommi Jeevan.

Resolved it, guys. Thank you so much.

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